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  • Clear Visual Developments / a revolutionary new colour application methodology invented by South African Stylist, Brenda Smith, has been born out of many years of hairdressing, seeking,fundamentally simpler and more efficient ways of applying hair Colour, managing the Colour development process, unequivocally improving the client experience, and reusability of the Colour application kit. This revolutionary methodology answers all the questions and more, in as much as negating the necessary of an assistant, is a simply four step application, provides visual observation of Colour development at all times, significantly improves oxidation of Colour development,and a gentle authentically new experience for the client. This product is ready to use, requiring, no cutting, no folding, easily washable, highly recyclable WHY CHOOSE CVD STYLISTS BENEFITS . Quick simple robust application ( No folding and sealing or rupturing as per foil) . Can apply with or without backing board . Improved Oxidation . No heat acceleration required . Close to the root application . No blotching ( There are no folds using CVD's) . Normal processing time . Can View Colour on the whole head develop, improving Colour development management ( CVD's are transparent and therefor offer visibility to the entire Colour application) . Can be used on any length of hair . CVD's are stain free . CVD's don't stain or rupture . CVD's are easy to clean . CVD's can be reused many times over ( Dependent on handling, current tests indicate over 50 times) and therefor offer huge cost savings CLIENT BENEFITS . Unique and innovative methodology . Comfortable on the head . Interactive as the client can observe the Colour development on their hair . No fussing with opening and closing foils . CVD's are secure on the hair and freedom of movement is not restricted Clear Visual Developments have stirred up and created a new excitement within the hairdressing industry world wide, they have a deep cause and are, . Awesome . Cool . Intelligent . Empowering . Elegant . Extraordinary Works on all hair types, Caucasian, Ethnic, Real Hair Extensions Have a look at their stunning Demo Video
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  • Hi everyone ! Have you seen the latest addition to www.hairfind.co.za ? We now feature a brand new JOBS section ! Stylists, you can upload your CV and apply for vacancies featuring from salons. Salons, Salon owners, you can place an advert for a specific opening or job vacancy, you know how difficult it is to get staff, post your add and lets get the ball rolling.  
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  • Please keep an eye out for this new page on www.hairfind.co.za. Soon there will be the latest news from all the market leaders !
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